The Fatty Farmers (Spain)

TFF PIC PROMO 03The Fatty Farmers is one of the latest revelation in the Spanish music scene. Streghtfull and plenty of energy, their concerts are always a party where the audience dances, sings and go crazy for the beginning until the end.

The menu: the Celtic’s roots mixed with punk, rock and country. They have been playing in some of the most important folk and rock festivals around Spain, Italy and Portugal. More than 150 concerts and three albums published: “Down in the streets”, “Refarmatory” and “Escape from the dirty pigs”


Rodrigo Farmer      Lead vocalist, banjo and mandoline
Sweet Jabato          Bagpipe and flutes
Javito Farmers        Violin
Lamber                    Bass
Juankar                   Drums
Lalo                         Acoustic guitar
Josemi                    Electric guitar
Goyo                       Accordion


PORTADA REFARMATORY THE_FATTYfdtgfgfjionportada escape


PORTUGAL 2015:  

ITALY 2014:

Festival Demanda Folk 2012, SPAIN: