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Ana Alcaide is a musician and composer from Toledo, Spain who carries out research on ancient traditions and cultures.

‘La cantiga del fuego’, her new album, has been internationally acclaimed, being for 5 months in the “World Music Chart Europe“.  It started as an independent album, but quickly ARC music decided to sign the Ana Alcaide for the international release of the album in November 2012.

Ana Alcaide was already a renowned artist in Spain before “La Cantiga del Fuego” and this new album has led her to the first steps of a very successful international career. Ana has toured in Argentina, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Uzbekistán, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Portugal or France. 

The music career of Ana Alcaide started while pursuing her degree in biology. Ana travelled to Sweden in 2.000 where she discovered the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument that dates back to the Middle Ages. She fell in love with the instrument and taught herself how to play it on the streets of Toledo, far from its traditional setting. In 2005 she returned to Sweden to further pursue her music studies and to specialize in this Swedish folk instrument. During this time she was also influenced by other musical traditions and began studying other instruments and voice. She graduated from Malmö Academy of Music as Bachelor in Performing Arts.

As a result of her deep connection and experimentation with the instrument, Ana published in 2006 “Viola de Teclas“, her debut album.  Her second album,”Como la luna y el sol”, was the result of the final degree project she completed while at the Malmö Academy of Music. This album offers listeners Ana’s unique vision of traditional Sephardic music.

Rooted in ancient traditions yet resolutely modern, her compositions deftly blend musical styles from different cultures. From the inspirational backdrop of the city of Toledo, Ana writes and produces her songs, creates new arrangements and adapts her instrument to ancient melodies that originated in medieval Spain and have travelled throughout the Mediterranean region.

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fROOTS – UK 2013/02 nº97 ...”There’s mature elegance in the arrangements and production, which are both by Alcaide herself joined by a small flexible team of muscians…”

Ethnotempos Musiques ethniques d’aujourd’bui – FRANCE 2013/06 “…La Cantiga
del Fuego s’avère passionnant et envoûtant d’un bout à l’autre…dans le vaste champ de la world music, on pourrait dire qu’elle est en quelque sorte une version judéo-espagnole de Loreena MdKennitt…”

Folk World – Germany 2012/07: “Ana Alcaide goes on with her successful fusion between the Nordic sonorities of the nyckelharpa (Sweedish keyed Piddle), the Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) music, and the traditional sounds from several places around the Mediterranean Sea… Ana sings with her beautiful voice while also playing nyckelharpa, moraharpa, violin and Celtic harp (this is a pleasant innovation!) an artist with such an exquisite level of sensibility, this might be a factor to be perceived in the future progress of her fruitful career.” Besides Nyckelharpa, the violin and the Celtic  harp, she creates a colorful spectrum of world music sounds to Plow into their music… “La Cantiga del Fuego” sounds in places, in the Middle Ages, longing, heavy Jewish and Northern European patience. A certain weight is in all the songs, a lot of seriousness and a bit of melancholy. And yet the music is alive and free. A magnificent and beautiful almum”.


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